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What is a “Factor of Safety” for snow guards?

Snow Guards and Factor of Safety

A great article about “Factor of Safety” for snow guard. Wondering what is meant by “Factor of Safety”, read the article and find out why S-5! is the number one choice for snow guards.

Colorgard Snow Guards

Why choose Sky Products for Snow Guard Projects

Sky Products specializes in snow guards and is the largest stocking distributor for S-5! in Canada.  We have been supplying S-5! products in Canada since 2010 and have designed, engineered and supplied over 300,000 lft of custom and S-5! snow guards for Federal, Provincial, Municipal and Private construction projects over the years.

Sky Products specifically uses S-5! (Metal Roof Innovations) products for the following reasons.

  • S-5! has been in business for over 25 years and was the originator of the standing seam clamp solution to attach almost anything to a metal roof.
  • S-5! clamps are accepted in the metal roof industry as the standard, so much so that S-5!’s competitors have attempted to copy their design.
  • S-5!  has conducted over 3000 load tests to ensure proper fit and maximum clamp to seam holding strength
  • All load test were performed by an accredited 3rd party A2LA lab.
  • S-5! manufacturing facility is ISO 9001: 2008 certified
  • S-5! has ZERO documented failures when properly installed.
  • 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Using untested systems is a serious liability hazard and could jeopardize the integrity of the roof and cause potential harm or death to patrons and employees.  Selecting improper attachment systems also jeopardizes the metal roof warranty.

Sky Products has designed, engineered and supplied snow guards for traditional flat metal roofs as well as curved metal roofs over the years.