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S-5! Solar Attachments


Sky Products Ltd started out in the Solar Industry back in 2010 supplying thousands of non-penetrating S-5! Solar Attachments across Ontario. Over the years Sky Products Ltd has become a leader in the Snow Retention/Snow Guard industry across Canada and has developed key relationships in the Metal Roof Industry.


As the original and largest stocking S-5! distributor in Canada, Sky Products Ltd is proud to announce that we will be getting ready to supply a larger product line of S-5! Solar Attachment that can be purchased directly from Sky Products Ltd.

The PV Kit 2.0 features bonding teeth, which are more aggressive to secure a better ground path. No lugs or wire required except to connect one string of modules to another and to ground the system.

PV Kit 2.0

The SolarFoot provides an ideal mounting platform to attach the L-Foot (not included) of a rail-mounted PV system to the roof. This solution is The Right Way to secure rail-mounted solar systems to exposed fastener metal such as AG-Panel or R-Panel.

S-5! Solar Foot

These are only 2 of the many S-5! Solar Attachments that Sky Products Ltd will be stocking.