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S-5!® Clamps and Snow Guards available in Canada from Sky Products!

A Canadian S-5!® distributor for 10 years, Sky Products Ltd has grown to be the largest stocking S-5!® distributor in Canada by developing and maintaining key national relationships. Sky Products has designed and engineered hundreds of thousands of feet of snow guards and has supplied hundreds of thousands S-5!® clamps across Canada to Federal, Provincial, Municipal and Private Construction projects.  Our continued success  in supplying S-5!® clamps and snow guards is simple, provide the best product for each project, provide only what is required while providing continuous education to the market. Sky Products specifically recommends S-5!®  products for the following reasons.

  • S-5!® has been in business for over 25 years and was the originator of the standing seam clamp solution to attach almost anything to a metal roof.
  • S-5!® clamps are the industry standard and endorsed by virtually every major metal roof manufacturer in North America.
  • S-5!’®s competitors believe in S-5!® so much so, that some competitors decided to simply copy some products.  If you don’t see an S-5!® stamp on it, is not an S-5!® product.
  • S-5!® has conducted over 3000 load tests and spent over $3 million in R&D, lab and beta testing, engineering and prototyping.
  • S-5!® load test were performed by an accredited 3rd party A2LA lab.
  • S-5!® manufacturing facility is ISO 9001: 2008 certified
  • S-5!® products have been used on 1.9 million roofs worldwide without a single documented failure when installed correctly.

Sky Products is available to assist Industry Professionals with snow guards or clamp selection at any phase of the project however, it is best to contact us PRIOR to any final drawing that goes out for bid. Sky Products can provide load calculations, stamped engineered details and drawing which is done by a 3rd party Engineer as well as powder coating services.

S-5!® Tested, Trusted, Engineered

Through rigorous research, testing and engineering, S-5!’s unique attachment products have revolutionized the metal roofing industry. We consistently exceed customer expectations by delivering unprecedented value and innovative excellence in the metal construction marketplace.

S-5! X-Gard