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The S-5! PV KIT or S-5! Solar Attachment Solution, has gone through some changes over the years but continues to be one of the best ways to attach Solar Panels to a metal roof! Did you know that Sky Product Ltd was the first S-5! Canadian Distributor to stock and sell the first version of the PV KIT and 10 years later we continue to stock and sell the S-5! PV KIT 2.0!  Our first order was with Essex Energy for the Tecumseh Arena and from then on we continued to grow our sales of PV Kits in the tens of thousands.

S-5 PV Kit


Not only does Sky Products Ltd stock the S-5! PV Kit but we also stock the S-5! Solar Foot. The S-5! SolarFoot provides an ideal mounting platform to attach the L-Foot of a rail-mounted PV system to the roof. This solution is The Right Way to secure rail-mounted solar systems to exposed fastener metal such as AG-Panel or R-Panel.

Solar Foot

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