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Sky Products Ltd has been a stocking Canadian Distributor of S-5!® products for 10 years and was recently presented with a Top Distributor Award by S-5!® for sales growth over 25% in 2019!

With over 450,000 ft of supplied S-5!® snow guards ranging from Colorgard®, DualGard™ Versagard™ to X-Gard™ and tens of thousands of S-5!® non-penetrating solar attachment solutions Canada wide, Sky Products Ltd has been approached by S-5!®’s competitors to carry their version of snow guards and solar attachments in the Canadian market.

Our response was simple, we will stick with S-5!®’s TESTED, TRUSTED AND ENGINEERED products.

check markTESTED – 2,500+ metal roof panels tested in independent 3rd party lab – 900+ reports available online; no need to guess if they work.

check markTRUSTED – installed on over 2 million roofs worldwide! Sold in over 30 international markets around the globe.

check markENGINEERED – with over $3 million in R&D, lab and beta testing, engineering and prototyping you are not getting a one size fits all approach like some others offer.

Further to TESTED, TRUSTED, ENGINEERED motto Sky Products Ltd believes in the S-5! Objectives.S-5! Objectives









Yes, there are other products on the market claiming they are JUST AS good as S-5!®, some even LOOK like S-5!®, but do you really want Abidas shoes when you can have the real ADIDAS® shoes?