OMG Roofing Products

PVC, TPO and EDPM Roofing Problems Solved

The OMG PowerGrip and PowerGrip PLUS install in UNDER 1 MINUTE

PowerGrip installs in 3-4 min max and the PLUS unit adds about 2 minutes!

Both install in under 10 minutes each and that is with slow roofe

1st: Clean area unit it to be installed (15- 30 seconds)

2nd: Drive in center screw ( 15 seconds)

3rd: Slide on PowerGrip or PLUS (10 seconds)

For PowerGrip, Weld flange and done! (1-2 minutes)

For PowerGrip PLUS, drive additional 8 fasteners, weld and done! (1-3 minutes)

The PowerGrip PLUS is a structural mount and can support up to 1000 lbs. These can be used to completely eliminate ballast blocks!

With this they will eliminate a lot of labor for installation and opening and closing of standard type supports

They will eliminate all lateral rack movement.

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