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GUIDE POUR LES GARDES-NEIGE Les gardes-neige réduit le risque de déblaiement soudain et inattendu de la neige, ce qui peut endommager les panneaux de toit, les gouttières, les luminaires, les murs et les fondations, protéger les toits inférieurs ou, pire encore, causer de graves blessures. L’idée est d’évacuer la neige d’une manière prévisible et contrôlée, […]

Snow Guard Guide on Metal Roofs

SNOW RETENTION / SNOW GUARD A snow guard system mitigates the risk of sudden and unexpected release of snow from the roof, which can lead to damaged roof panels, gutters, light fixtures, walls and foundations, protection of lower roofs or worse, severe injury to people.  The idea is to evacuate the snow in a predictable […]

S-5!® Manufacturer Warranty is the Best in the Business

The S-5!® Warranty! S-5! Manufacturer Warranty is simply the best. This is why Sky Products chooses S-5! over any other Snow Guard System on the market. S-5! products will outlast their competitors and PROVE IT with their warranty!    

Sliding Snow from Metal Roof

    S-5! and Sky Products have been providing Canada with engineered snow guards for many years. The fact that snow guards are only an issue when snow falls narrowly avoiding people or property is not unusual. The fact is, snow and ice when falling from a roof can create tremendous avalanche like forces that […]