07Feb 2020
S-5! X-Gard

Sky Products Ltd has been a stocking Canadian Distributor of S-5!® products for 10 years and was recently presented with a Top Distributor Award by S-5!® for sales growth over 25% in 2019! With over 450,000 ft of supplied S-5!® snow guards ranging from Colorgard®, DualGard™ Versagard™ to X-Gard™ and tens of thousands of S-5!® […]

31Jan 2020

Reposted with permission  – original post https://blog.s-5.com/blog/will-snow-guards-damage-my-metal-roof Posted by Shawn deAngelo on Jan 6, 2020 9:13:50 AM Sky Products has been supplying S-5! products in Canada for 10 years. More articles on S-5! snow guards and clamps available in Canada from Sky Products https://bit.ly/31kU4ag Massive snow accumulation on a roof creates the potential for an unpredictable avalanche-like […]

01Aug 2019

Over the years Sky Products Ltd has been asked; How Much Load Will S-5! Clamps Hold. This is a great question as our clients have an expectation that S-5! clamps will perform as expected. The video link below provides an excellent overview of S-5! clamps and the factors that influence the holding strength. Sky Products […]

22Mar 2019
S-5! Clamps and Brackets

www.s-5.com “Which S-5! Standing Seam Clamp do I use on my metal roof?” Over the years we have received many questions about S-5! standing seam clamps and snow guards however that is the most common question. First you need to determine what type of metal roof you have. S-5! Provides various solutions for all metal […]

11Feb 2019
snow retention

WHY SO MANY QUESTIONS – Dave Kowch February 2019 Snow Guard design is dependent on a multitude of variables which need to be taken into consideration when designing and installing a snow guard system which is why we ask so many questions. “Snow loads on roofs vary according to geographical location (climate), site exposure, shape […]

07Feb 2019
S-5! Solar Attachments

DID YOU KNOW Sky Products Ltd started out in the Solar Industry back in 2010 supplying thousands of non-penetrating S-5! Solar Attachments across Ontario. Over the years Sky Products Ltd has become a leader in the Snow Retention/Snow Guard industry across Canada and has developed key relationships in the Metal Roof Industry. As the original […]